Endless Industries is revolutionizing the way parts are made. Our innovative continuous fiber 3D printing technology enables the production of parts with greater strength, stiffness and durability, as well as the production of complex geometries at lower weights. We help companies in a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, and mechanical engineering. 


We partner with established industrial 3D printer manufacturers to get our technology into the hands of our customers. This way, customers get sophisticated industrial 3D printers that can now produce parts with outstanding strength, rigidity and durability. This allows them to produce strong spare parts, critical tooling, and durable production parts quickly and affordably.


The Team

Stephan Körber

Chief Executive Officer

Engineering degree

Operations expert

Dr. Mathias Czasny

Chief Technology Officer

Inventor of our technology

Leading expert in the field

Dr. Moritz Ebeling-Rump

Chief Software Officer

PhD in Design for Additive 


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